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Silver Ash did an interview earlier this year in China Daily, you can see it here: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/life/2010-01/09/content_9295001.htm

Also, they recently played a street music festival in Beijing in May I believe! Did anyone go?

Some photos HERE

Some video of the event HERE

I totally missed that they were having a live (never mind I'm currently still living in the USA :P)! I hope I will be able to be in China next time they are having one!
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Hello.  ^_^  It's my first time posting here and I was wondering a couple things, if you don't mind.  ^^;

1.  Have the guys released anything new?
2.  Does anyone have the lyrics to 'Rely', 'Snow track', and 'Gorgeous Devil'?
3.  Does anyone have the bass tabs to the three songs mentioned?
4.  Does anyone know what the guys have been up to lately?
5.  Does anyone know if Hong, Lucy, and Nancy are still in the music business and if so, what bands they're with?
6.  Can anyone tell me what the members' official site and blogs are, please?  (I can't find them.  T_T)
7.  Does anyone have the track listings of their singles/demos/etc., please?  (I've been wanting to get things in the correct order and stuff for the things that I downloaded years ago.  ^^;)

Update from Lings' blog

I randomly checked Ling's blog today and noticed something interesting, they're having a cosplay concert and event apparently. Here's a quick translation of the post.


"The ghostly masquerade" 2009 Silver ash special performance.
Time: 2009 4/25 Afternoon 13:30 入场
Where: MAO live house Beijing
Price : At the door 50元 Preorder 40元

预售电话:64025080 64027494 下午六点以后


The performance theme, no matter if you cosplay, just dress up, or dress like anyone you want, come take part in this event.

As long as your attire or makeup is unique, you can participate in a drawing. They'll give out 20 T-shirts and a 2004 VCD of them backstage.

Silver Ash is still alive guys! Rejoice!

And here's the other post, it's very roughly translated, Ling writes in a confusing way.
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ling's blog

Another translation from Ling's blog! It's short this time, two lines followed by pictures:

Subject: The place I'm going to...
Date: 2009-02-17

There is someone waiting for me at the place I'm going to...
Become stronger*....

(view the pictures that follow here at Ling's Blog)

*坚强点 is usually an encouragement used to cheer someone up (or yourself), it means something along the lines of "pull it together" or "become stronger".

Anyone recognize the place in those pictures? Is Ling leaving China? His last blog entry was kind of ominous that way.

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ling's blog translation

Hi guys! I just discovered Silver Ash recently... only today actually, and dug through everywhere for all the songs and info. So I'm new here and haven't posted anything. So as a gift to all I thought I should try to translate Ling's most recent blog entry; turns out I underestimated the amount he would write big time and overestimated by own Chinese skills... but I did translate the whole thing more or less. My Chinese is rusty and when I translate text my English grammar dies too... so please forgive any mistakes!

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